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Digital Restoration

Photographs are fragile. No matter how careful you are, you have probably lost a cherished family photo to water damage, cracking, crinkling or marauding two-year olds. Age and light are not kind to photographs. Most photos can be restored to good as new condition.

How it Works

Just bring in your photograph and we'll give you an estimate based on the condition of the original. We'll scan the original to create a digital version to work on. Your original is returned to you unharmed as soon as possible for your safe keeping. After scanning, we combine creativity and imagination with technical skill to repair any damage and restore the photograph. Of course, the better the original, the better the result. We do not work on any copyrighted material without WRITTEN permission of the photographer or owner of the copyright. Exceptions are: if the photographer is deceased; if the studio has gone out of business; or if the photograph is over 25 years old.

Categories of Restoration

All pricing is based of time required to complete the job and the difficulty involved. Costs listed below are one time only fees and are per image. Images are saved on our computers for 10 years.

Light Restoration

$35 - $55

Light damage limited to non-detail areas. All orders in this category include standard retouching, including eye glare removal, red eye, blemishes, pimples, glare on bald heads and faces.

Medium Photo Restoration

$60 - $75

Color enhancements or colorization of an intact photo. Adding or deleting one person in a group or change background. Spots and scratches affecting but not obliterating subject.

Medium-Heavy Photo Restoration

$80 - $125

Repair photo damage and change oval to portrait. Add or delete one person plus change background. Tear in photo affecting but not obliterating subject. Spots and scratches plus color enhancement.

Heavy - Group Photo Restoration

$130 - $250

Heavily stained or spotted, or scratches to entire photo. Restoration plus colorization and/or background change. Repair extensive photo damage and change oval to portrait. Extensive damage to detail with three or more people.